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I want to see more zines/anthologies/self-published works from radical feminists, particularly young new radfems. The teen and twenty-something women I see stepping into radical feminism are so inspiring to me.

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Real life “Rosie the Riveter” - Tennessee, 1943. From the Library of Congress collection, 1930’s-1940’s in Color. http://www.flickr.com/photos/library_of_congress/sets/72157603671370361/with/2179038448/


Real life “Rosie the Riveter” - Tennessee, 1943. From the Library of Congress collection, 1930’s-1940’s in Color. http://www.flickr.com/photos/library_of_congress/sets/72157603671370361/with/2179038448/

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I wish there was a simple way to say:

“I support people with body dysphoria changing their bodies in ways that make their lives more comfortable, but I am wildly against erasing the meaning of female and replacing it with completely identity based definitions, particularly while females continue to be oppressed on that axis.”

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Hey halfaplanecrash, I went to bed early last night so I didn’t see your request now. Have a rebloggable version of yesterday’s anon!  High-res


Hey halfaplanecrash, I went to bed early last night so I didn’t see your request now. Have a rebloggable version of yesterday’s anon! 

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Dang reality!: on-reflection: nextyearsgirl: nightfallsforisaac: nextyearsgirl:…









radical feminism includes gender identity in definition! so your analogy means very little????

and okay i get that choice thing a little more but it still seems like a roundabout way of erasing race based privilege  i’ll have to research more on that.

Which definition, exactly?

I’m really not sure how acknowledging the privilege required to hold a certain analysis erases race based privilege.

according to you and other radfems and myself, radical feminism is by definition intersectional. well by definition intersectionality includes gender identity  according to Susanne Knudson it includes all “axes of identity interact on multiple and often simultaneous levels, contributing to systematic social inequality.”

Gender identity is a post-modern concept intended to legitimize and prop up the gender hierarchy by “redefining” and yet reifying gender roles, which are the patriarchal tool used to oppress females as a sex class. Radical feminism is rooted in gender abolition, and thus requires that we do not perpetuate concepts like “gender identity” which are inherently harmful to females.

While intersectionality requires us to realize how gender non-conforming people are targeted for oppression, it also requires us to realize that it is because of misogyny and homophobia that they are targeted, not because “gender identity” is itself an axis of oppression.

no. no one is subscribing to gender roles. as i said before, i identify as a female but i don’t subscribe to gender roles??? you can queer gender roles while still identifying as a gender.

obviously we have differing opinions on this and the reason i liked radical feminism is because it was inclusive but okay

You can’t, though. “Queering” gender roles is still legitimizing gender roles, is still implying that they are a naturally occurring thing and not an oppressive social construct. You can’t have “gender identity” without “gender roles,” because you need to have a default in order to rebel.

Bolded for emphasis.

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From One Survivor to Another: attacking trans women for “reinforcing the gender binary” is like...


attacking trans women for “reinforcing the gender binary” is like saying poor people cause poverty.

No, it’s not. That’s an awful analogy. Transgender individuals get criticized for upholding the binary because the goal of social transition is to “pass” as the gender you’ve adopted. “Passing” is about adopting behaviors, appearances, and roles assigned to the target gender so you will be read as that gender; failure to do so results in misgendering. “Passing” relies upon upholding gender roles. I don’t begrudge anyone what they have to do to survive in their circumstances, but it cannot be ignored that social transition is all upholding gender in the same way that physical transition recognizes the existence and importance of sex even when transactivists love to deny it. 

who really has the cultural and social power to influence gender expectations? cisgender white men and women.

Fixed it for you. 

when was the last time a trans woman enacted legislation against cis women? never. when was the last time a trans woman murdered a cis woman because they were cis? never.

I’m not aware of any transwoman-enacted legislation, so your first point is (I assume) correct. Women are killed all the time for their gender, though not necessarily by transwomen. The reverse doesn’t hold up either, however; there aren’t droves of women killing transgender people out there. Men are the vast majority of perpetrators of violence against transwomen.

when was the last time a trans woman gained public notoriety without constant harassment and misgendering? how are we supposedly “influencing” this binary when we struggle just to have people believe we are actually women?

Explained above.

if anything, we are queering the fuck out of your binary. we are constantly morphing it and pointing out grey areas by simply existing. 

Lol, anything described as “queering” is usually faux-revolutionary bullcrap. You think you are doing something incredibly revolutionary by embracing gender and thinking it needs to be given a thousand new applications while still upholding the same tired old stereotypes. 

what about cultures where gender identity is less binary than in the West? where men are “feminine”, and women act “masculine”? what about cultures which have third genders, genderqueer variants, reincarnation, two-spirit, past lives, and other religious forms of being transgender? 

What about them? Gender varies from place to place because it is a social construct. This is a great argument for why gender is not innate and “brain sex” is ridiculous.

why are we not questioning why trans women feel obligated or required to participate in the binary, lest they face violence, imprisonment, or harassment? what about trans women who never seek medical procedures, or genderqueer trans women? 

This is why radical feminists desire the abolition of gender. If the oppressive hierarchy of gender was dismantled, everyone would be able to freely express themselves however they felt like without gender being ascribed to their clothes, behavior, etc. There would be no “feminine accessories” or “masculine jobs” and it would help all gender non-conforming people.

and why do trans men get to go to “women’s colleges” when they identify as men? why are we not examining the patriarchal power dynamics behind men stealing resources from women’s spaces?

Women’s colleges are female-only spaces (generally) which includes men who have female biology and who (most often) have grown up socialized as women and have dealt with the unique issues that only affect females. If you want to criticize anything, criticize that they call them “women’s” instead of “female” spaces, although most people define “woman” as “female humans”.

yeah, radfems are full of shit.

Right back atcha :)

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lady shady !: Why is it that I can never read anything about Michigan Womyn’s Music...



Why is it that I can never read anything about Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival without having to suffer through discussion, whether in the retelling of the experience itself or in the comments on said pieces, of Camp Trans and how transwomen just absolutely need to enter a female only space? Uck.

Hey there friend, did you forget that trans women are women? Don’t worry, bud, I reminded you!

Whoops, they are women in the same way that I’m your “bud”!

(which is to say, in case you’re too daft to get this one, they aren’t. At all.)

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My stance on Smithgate is that if the Smith college community comes together and decides to open itself up to any woman-identified individual, as opposed to how it is currently (female only), that would be fine. If the students and staff decide they would rather be a mixed space as opposed to female only, more power to them. What shouldn’t be happening, however, is pressure raining in from non-community members that just have a problem respecting female only spaces; there is nothing inherently bad about female only spaces

I don’t understand. Isn’t the current pressure on Smith college due to the fact that they reject pre-op or non-op trans* women from applying? Trans* women count as female, and therefore don’t violate a female only space…

Unless I’m being really basic and missing something here?

Yeah, you’re missing the way gender is assigned at birth by *sex.* Sex matters because it determines whether girl or boy socialization will be piled on top of you from *birth.*

Transwomen are not female, as female is your sex and not your gender. They might identify as women but they are still male, and therefore need to respect female only spaces.
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I don’t understand why we can’t have many different kinds of spaces. Spaces for females only, spaces for WBW, spaces that include transwomen as well as spaces that are only for transwomen, etc. Any halfway decent thinking person can recognize the importance of respecting WOC-only spaces, spaces just for women of different abilities, lesbians, etc. 

So why is it so goddamn evil to demand a little space for females to gather without any male presence involved?

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I am continuously amazed that this website has a community that will defend a male living as a man’s right not only to call himself female and a woman, but his right to lecture on how trans men aren’t allowed in safe spaces because they “take advantage of them” and no one calls them out, no one even makes a peep about how fucked this is, everyone else just nods along and clucks approvingly.

But I say I support female only spaces and get days of asks and dedicated hate blogs about wanting to look at strangers genitals, dozens of people trying to worm their way around by coming up with hypotheticals and what ifs, and of course slurs and insults.

And yet the first group also denies they have male privilege. Right.

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